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Vulcain 201T

Toxic & Combustible Gas Transmitter

VA201T Aug 17, 2005 Low Res


Downloadable Materials:
Data Sheet
User Manual

 Vulcain 201T

Parking Garages

Loading Docks

Mechanical Rooms

Boiler Rooms


Swimming Pools


Fire Stations

Gases detected: CO, NO2, Combustibles, O2, H2S, Cl2, SO2, ETO, HCl, NO, HCN

Vulcain Inc., a world leader in gas detection for over three decades, has designed the Vulcain 201T series to meet or exceed safety requirements in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. These transmitters can work in a network mode with our Vulcain 201C or Vulcain 301C controller through their RS-485 link, or can be used in a stand-alone configuration offering 4-20mA and alarm relay outputs.

  • 10-step LED display
  • Backlit LCD display available
  • Modbus communication
  • 4-20mA ouput
  • 1 DPDT relay
  • 65dBA audile alarm
  • Full compatibility with Vulcain 201C and Vulcain 301C controllers
 For use with:
Vulcain 201C, Vulcain 301C
Remote sensor installation, Duct-type installation, Splashguard, Metal Guard